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  • Team Teach

    Team – Teach is the only training company, providing physical intervention techniques as part of its course delivery, to have received the highest level of award in the U.K – a National Training Award – This government supported award is … Continue reading
  • British Values at Holmwood School

    In November 2014 the DfE produced guidance for schools on actively promoting British values as part of the requirement to provide for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of their pupils. Holmwood School promotes the fundamental British values … Continue reading
  • Ensure Your Children are Being Safe on the Internet

    E- Safety We aim that our pupils are: • safe from maltreatment, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation • safe from accidental injury and death • safe from bullying and discrimination • safe from crime and anti-social behaviour in and out of … Continue reading
  • Equality Duty Statement

    We aim to be a community where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. We want everyone to reach their potential and we recognise that for some pupils extra support is needed to help them to achieve and be successful. … Continue reading

    Our school is committed to the HeadStart principles to allow every young person to have the best possible experience and outcomes throughout their school journey. HeadStart – giving all Middlesbrough’s children and young people the necessary support to build resilience … Continue reading

Science and Design Technology

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Science Policy 2018 2019

Design and Technology 2018 2019

What is Science?

Is it a bunch of information about the parts of a circuit and the temperatures at which water freezes or boils?

Is it something you investigate and experiment with, like combining materials and heating them up to see what happens?

Is it a way of looking at the world and seeing it for what it is, rather than what we might think it is or wish it to be?

Science is actually all these things . . .

At Holmwood School we aim to ensure that children investigate science and scientific phenomena through a hands on and visually stimulating curriculum at their level of learning. Most of all we want our children to be engaged in learning and find it fun and exciting. Where possible our science is linked to our cross curricular topics and the children guide their own learning journey.

Science Coordinator

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is taught through the Creative Curriculum. The children’s knowledge and understanding is applied through the development of ideas, planning, making products and evaluating them.

R Ford DT Coordinator