Year 6 – Mr Ford’s Class

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Mr Ford’s Class

Teaching Assistants: Ms Morley, Miss Enderwick and Miss Beach

 Welcome to Mr Ford’s class. Once again it’s the start of a new academic year, with many opportunities ahead of us.

We are excited to be in Mr Ford’s Year 6 class and we will be working towards SATs and looking forward to gaining places in our chosen schools.

Our first topic is one we are extremely interested in; World War II.

We will be asking lots of questions;

Why did the war start?

Who were the important leaders?

 What sort of weapons were used?

 How did the war affect those left at home?

We will be making Anderson shelters, gas masks, and 2D tanks in Design and Technology. In Art, we will be depicting the Blitz, through colour washing and of course drawing the World War II leaders.

We will be watching some films that show us what life was really like during the war. ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ gives us an insight into what it was like to be evacuated. ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ is a very powerful film, dramatically showing what life was like in a prisoner of war camp.

The subject of WWII has been written about vastly, however from our knowledge, we will be creating our own newspaper reports. Towards the end of this half term, we hope to visit Eden camp, to discover first-hand what life was like during the war. This will give us the opportunity to see planes, tanks and artillery close up. We can’t wait!

In English, we will be focusing on hand writing throughout the year and in Maths, we will be  reinforcing the skills we already have, ready to move on to more complex operations.

Our reading ages are already very good but we still want to improve them, learning the art of skimming and scanning in comprehension.

P.E. will cover gymnastics and net games. After SATS, we will get the opportunity to go swimming.

In January, we will be going on our 3 day residential to Kingswood outdoor activity centre and having a go at different challenges, both individual and as part of a team; we can’t wait!

So as you can see, a busy term ahead. Look out for further updates as we progress.

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